Does Synthetic Urine Work in 2013?

Yes it is. And there are some technical details why it still works.

All laboratory based testing strictly adheres to strict custody and control procedures:

  1. Collector inspect the sample for temperature, volume and signs of adulteration, i.e. color, excessive foaming, excess sediments, or unusual odor. As long as you give the specimen at the correct temperature range your sample will pass this stage of test
  2. Laboratory verifies integrity of the sample. They test specimen for pH, creatinine, specific gravity and oxidizing adulterants. Synthetic urine neither contains any kind of oxidizing adulterants nor violates all of the above characteristics of normal human urine. So your synthetic sample will pass this portion of test with easy.
  3. Laboratory performs precise but  cheap initial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) screen for the presence of commonly abused drug metabolites. Only positive specimens receive further confirmatory testing.
  4. Laboratory confirms the presence of specific drugs or metabolites by performing gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GC/MS).  Synthetic urine will pass this portion of test too, but your sample will be never tested with  GC/MS because there is nothing to confirm with this costly method.
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