Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Two words my friend, SYNTHETIC URINE. Call your local head shop and ask them for some. Its perfect and will work everytime. Basically when you go take the test you use that instead of your piss. It’s great it comes with a lil bottle w/ a temp gauge on it, a lil bag wraps around it to keep it warm, its some kinda chemical in the bag… it gets hot as hell to keep the stuff warm.

I used this EXACT kit and passed a full lab test.

Pass and Cheat Your Urine Test With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

420 Magazine

I know people who’ve used the synthetic urine for years and have been fine. The thing you need to worry about is the temperature of the sample, if it’s under or over, they’ll know because they test that immediately. Under the armpits isn’t gonna cut it.

Ask Metafilter

To safely pass a drug test synthetic is the only 100% way to go.Read the directions and practice with it. You can heat it up numerous times.
I’ve used it.It depends on whether I KNOW I’m clean or not.If I KNOW I’m clean I’ll use my own piss if I’m not sure I use quickfix.I get hit with randoms(or supposedly randoms) a lot.But I tend to be pretty vocal about the drug war.

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